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We’re Texans, and proud of it!  From El Paso to Austin to Houston, we love this state and want to stay here.  TexasWorkSource.com will help you stay in this great state by helping you find a job.  Inside this site you’ll find some great articles that will put you one step further to finding that perfect Texas job.

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Texas A&M Job Boards Showcase Opportunities

In an effort to help both upcoming graduating students and alumni, Texas A&M University utilizes a number of online job boards in order to give people who are looking for employment a leg up in the highly competitive job market.  Texas A&M uses the resources of a large college to benefit as many current and former students as possible.  The job boards that are available through the Texas A&M website are divided into two areas:  basic service and premium service.

The “basic service” available from the Texas A&M job boards isn’t anything to sneeze at; as it gives students free accessibility to a searchable database of companies in a student’s potential career field, which includes names, contact numbers, locations, etc.  The basic Texas A&M job board service also has a comprehensive internship listing, a weekly email update on jobs that match a student’s major and/or interests, as well as a link to Jobweb™, which is not only provides more searchable information about possible jobs, but also provides valuable information about career development, such as resume preparation, interview tips and salary information.

The “premium service” that is offered on the Texas A&M job boards requires a fee of $35 for all of the databases and information provided by the basic service, as well as a few additional benefits.  The biggest plus a registered user gets for premium service is a Texas A&M job board that posts jobs exclusively for “Aggie” graduates, called “Aggie Jobs.”  A recruiting service is also provided for premium Texas A&M job board users, as well as direct link to the National Association of Colleges and Employers—a nationwide database of companies that hire graduates.

While Texas A&M is a big school, they are reaching many individual students by the job boards that they offer for their upcoming and past graduates.  With a increasingly tight employment outlook, schools like Texas A&M are realizing that they must do all they can to help their students succeed not only in their classrooms, but also beyond their walls.

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Texas High School Coaching Jobs and Concerns

If you’re considering a coaching job with a Texas high school, you might wonder about current issues with high school sports.  With more stories out in the media about the conduct at sporting events, there is a growing concern that high school students, parents and coaches may be following in the footsteps of their professional counterparts.  However, the Texas High School Coaches’ Association (THSCA) is available to provide coaches with continuing education about issues and guidelines that will affect their interaction—both between themselves and their teams.

The THSCA was created in 1930 as a way to organize fellow coaches around the state of Texas.  However, Texas high school coaching jobs have changed significantly over the past seventy-five years and communities fully expect teams to have winning seasons.  Those with Texas high school coaching jobs can join the THSCA as a way to share their issues and concerns in the classroom, while working toward higher standards for both themselves and their students.

Members of the THSCA also have the benefits of attending coaching schools to stay up to date on the most effective teaching methods and curriculum standards available.  In addition, the THSCA helps certified coaches who are interested in finding a Texas high school coaching job find a school that would be a good match for their skills and talents.

Those who work or desire to work in a Texas high school coaching job can get more information about the THSCA at their website, http://coach.thsca.com.


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The Diversity of Texas Law Enforcement Jobs

Not sure if a Texas law enforcement job is right for you?  Considering that there are many avenues one can pursue in the field of Texas law enforcement, there is a job for almost every type of person:  from those who long for the action of a high speed chase, to those who are more methodical and enjoy searching for answers to a mystery.

Texas law enforcement jobs range from basic security officers (private sector) to specialized Texas Rangers (public sector).  A security officer requires little training, but allows a person to work with an independent company to provide protection to the persons and premises.  Another Texas law enforcement job opportunity is that of a traditional police officer or state trooper.  There are many divisions within these jobs, such as traffic, highway patrol, communications workers and even data entry jobs.  The Texas Ranger division is the primary investigation sector of Texas law enforcement and works in conjunction with other officers in the cities and state of Texas to solve crimes.

Another path that someone who wants a Texas law enforcement job can take is that with the Department of Criminal Justice, where he can become a corrections officer. These officers guard prisons and keep the environment safe for all inmates and others who work there.  Also within the Department of Criminal Justice is the criminologist, which is another form of investigator who works out in the field, be helps with toxicology (drug) reports, forensics and other crime lab elements that can help discover and preserve evidence from a crime scene.

Levels of education required for Texas law enforcement, of course, depend on the position desired.  Many positions, though, are looking for candidates that have at least a 4-year college degree and a varied, strong academic background.  Texas law enforcement wants the best force possible, and it is beefing up its requirements to get the right people for the right jobs.  With such a wealth of opportunities and directions available in Texas law enforcement, there is room for a wide range of people who share a common interest in protecting citizens.

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Truck Driving Jobs in Texas

Truck driving jobs in Texas can easily be found on the Internet after just a few seconds of searching.  Texas is like all other states, you must take a truck driver training course to gain a Class A or B commercial drivers license.    A Class A license will allow you to drive a tractor/trailer with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 lbs.  While a Class B license will teach and allow you to drive a straight truck, Bobtail (a tractor without a trailer), or a bus with a GVWR over 26,001 lbs.  To operate in interstate commerce, like most truck drivers do, you must be of 21 years of age and pass a rigorous physical exam every two years.

Texas is home to literally more than 30 truck driving schools which will teach you how to drive a big rig and give you advice on how to find trucking driving jobs in Texas.  Many schools offer teaching and tuition reimbursement if you drive for their company.  Go to www.infoporium.com to find a truck driving school directory for the state of Texas.

Check out these powerful websites for a truck driving job search.  Everytruckjob.com allows users to search jobs by state and by desired position- from recent graduates to those who are looking for a lease purchase program.  For a similar website with just as many options take a look at www.classadrivers.com.

Currently in Texas and many other states,  there is a severe shortage of truck drivers.  The federal government estimates a shortage of over 80,000 truck drivers in the country.  Yet salaries remain steady.  Long haul truck drivers can make between $50,000 and $60,000 a year depending on experience and specialties.  However for  first year truck driving jobs in Texas you should expect to make between $25,000 and $30,000 a year.

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